LEDIN, founded in 2010, takes "be ANOTHER, Joys around" as its brand slogan, hoping to give girls the courage and motivation to explore themselves in the ever-changing environment, and the mystery of exploration is Hidden in the self-reflected in the original genes. Together with you, LEDIN will be different, create differently, explore and have fun.
楽町(LEDIN)は、2010年に設立され、「be ANOTHER 歓楽の限りを尽くす」をブランド理念としており、絶えず変遷している大環境においても自分自身を探求する勇気とモチベーションを少女に与えるべく取り組んでおり、結局、探求しているなぞなぞの答はは原始遺伝子から屈折してきた自分に隠されています。LEDINはいつもお供に、唯一無二の自分となり、唯一無二を創り出し続け、絶えず続く探求の中、無尽蔵の歓楽を楽しみましょう。
LEDIN emphasizes a kind of "girly sense" that is independent, free, and the "girly sense" full of curiosity. Focus on young, fashionable, modern, and avant-garde girls aged 18 to 25. LEDIN hopes to use the spirit of continuous exploration and multi-faceted style to arouse people's thinking, motivate them to pursue a new life pattern, and enjoy themselves in this. You are not just who you are now. Together with LEDIN, "be ANOTHER, joys around," and you who are opposed, unified, friendly, and highly motivated, set off immediately, explore together, and let's create a different
LEDINは年齢を問わず、独立自由で好奇心に満ちた「少女感」を強調してきました。若くてかつファッション的で、モダンでかつ前衛的な18-25歳のモダン少女に焦点を当てています。LEDINは絶えず探求する精神と多角的なスタイルを持つ新品で皆様の思考を引き出し、新風を吹き込んだライフスタイルを追求する原動力を与え、その過程で自分を楽しませよう、誠意努力していく所存でございます。あなたは今のあなただけでなく、LEDINと共に「be ANOTHER 歓楽の限りを尽くす」、対立、統一、友好と共に戦おうとするあなたでもあり、すぐに旅立ち、一緒に探求し、異なった自分を作りましょう。
LEDIN hopes to give girls the courage and motivation to explore themselves in the ever-changing environment. Follow LEDIN and explore yourself genuinely. In "Pan's Labyrinth," when Ophelia said that: "The door is locked," Pan answered, "Then use a pen and open a door by yourself." LEDIN may be the Pan who hopes to give girls the courage to open the door of exploration.
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