Escape into Summer Cottagecore, Meeting Your Dream Dress Here

Cottagecore aesthetic went viral in 2020 during the epidemic. Now two years later, in the post-covid era, even if other fads try to take its place, it is still the most popular and even more loved than ever. From daily life to social media, from ordinary people to celebrities, cottagecore is everywhere.

Cottagecore, to some extent, is a blend of Light Academia and Mori Fashion, and also gets inspiration from fairy tales and fantasy stories. Beyond all doubt, it is a fascinating state that people are longing for and also an adorable aesthetic that you should never miss.

At first glance, many cottagecore items are simple in design and silhouette. But if you look closely, you will be fascinated by their exquisite details like ruffles, floral print, lace, embroidery, eyelets and so on. Almost all can the elements that make you more beautiful are subtly integrated into one piece of clothing. Cottagecores should be girls' dreaming wardrobes! It can only be said that it understands girls' minds too well!

There are many scenes suitable for cottagecore, which is probably an important reason why it is much loved by everyone. For daily commuting, you can choose a minimalist but not simple white dress to quietly reveal your unique aesthetic; due to the comfort of the silhouette design, this style of dress is also very suitable for work-from-home wear, allowing you to work in an elegant but comfortable work atmosphere, so the popularity of cottagecore has not diminished but increased a lot since the outbreak; cottagecore is also the first choice for outing wear. Whether it is bestie afternoon tea, grass picnics, beach parties or vacation trips, cottagecore dresses are very suitable and can make you distinctive from the crowd.

Cottagecore is not only a fashion style, but also a lifestyle and an attitude to life, a yearning to return to the original pastoral life, with poetic romanticism. Our lovely cottagecore is also related to leading a simple life in harmony with nature, which coincides with the recent sustainable fashion fad.

If you haven't been moved by this style after reading this, then the product recommendation below will definitely make you fall in love with this cottagecore, whether you have loved the cottagecore style for a long time, or you are hearing this style for the first time.

Cottagecore Floral Dresses

The floral dress is the most typical representative of cottagecore styling. Not long ago, a pink floral dress worn by both Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez has featured a strong cottagecore style, and their “Matchy-Matchy” has also attracted widespread attention on social media; in Emma Roberts, Madison Beer's private clothes, we can also see the figure of the cottagecore floral dress frequently. Needless to say, floral dresses are so popular and they never fade as they are so retro, elegant and romantic! Here are some LEDIN floral dresses recommend for your cottagecore styling.


The grape-vitality dresses are our best sellers. Photo 1 is styled by @ ruthkeren8 while photos 2-6 are styled by Cottagecore dreamer @cottondolly. I would say this is my dream life! Now with this dress with grape floral prints in Pantone Color 2022, let’s step into a sweet and fantasy dream together. At this moment you are the vineyard princess on the run.

Florals in different colors represent different characters and moods of girls. How are you feeling now? Pick a floral dress, pick a mood. Your summer vacation dress shopping starts here.

Running freely in the fields, living like summer flowers. Inspired by the pink lake, this dress has a low-key but practical silhouette and is full of sincerity in the fabric. The fabric is extracted from the pink lake color, and integrated into the printing and embossing process, showing a soft texture effect like the ripples on the lake surface. It is the mood that yearns and loves the beauty of nature, elegant and romantic.

Cottagecore White Dresses

As another representative product of the cottagecore style, the white dress is also a versatile classic that can easily be paired with all your styles of shoes and bags. Different from ordinary white dresses, cottagecore white dresses are more thoughtful in details, usually adding girly elements such as ruffles, lace, embroidery, corset and eyelets to break the monotony of white dresses, or to be more flowing in tailoring for a casual vibe. The two white dresses in 2 different styles that Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid have worn are very impressive. Follow LEDIN to explore some similar lovely white dresses blow.


The first white dress has a corset design on the upper body, which can better highlight girls’ graceful curves. The small flower texture fabric makes this white dress more vivid.

The second dress must be a cottagecore dream dress. It has all the beautiful elements on it: ruffles, lace, small puff sleeves, floral jacquard fabric with diamonds... At this moment, I already have a picture of a girl wearing this dress sparkling in the sun. So dreamy!

The third white dress also has the flower texture on the fabric. What is more special is its flowing silhouette, and the bow on the back lights up the whole look.

The last recommended white dress is made of skin-friendly jacquard fabric and has very delicate details. The little-wing sleeves are full of girly sense and playfulness, and the bow at the waist makes the whole dress more cute and help modify the waistline.

In the era of the Covid-19, people are eager to escape from the city and return to the countryside to live a cottagecore life. In fact, I prefer to call the cottagecore aesthetic fashion a positive escape. Fashion, born fantasy, is a gorgeous dream woven by people, and cottagecore fashion allows us to escape into the dream life on the moment we put on a cottagecore dress.

Seize the summer and show off your cottegecore style. It is the season that best suits such a romantic style.

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