Summer Fashion Trends 2022:More Relaxed, Free, Energetic And Reckless

It has been a long time since the spring and summer fashion shows of major brands ended. On the runway, we saw designers’ interpretation of a more relaxed, free, energetic and reckless in the post-locking era. We finally bid farewell to the long winter, and also passed the restrained spring, and came to the fiery and more tempting hormonal summer. Summer is officially here. This season we will see more Y2K AESTHETIC, more nostalgic LIQUID METAL elements, more CUT-OUT designs, HYPER FEMININE and BUTTER YELLOW. They just added a lot of surprises and expectations to the summer 2022. So, welcome to this summer wonderland and shop the most trendy items for your season.


We hear the phrase “fashion is reincarnation” all the time. While fashion hasn’t rested on its laurels in one circle, some of the early-2000s trend cultures never really left. And this year, Y2K fashion can be said to be the protagonist of the show. True, the Y2K aesthetic is back. It's a bit gimmicky, maybe, somewhere between trendy and quirky. However, it's body-positive, colorful, fascinating, bold and wild. It aims to let people express themselves as vividly as possible, having fun mixing&matching. Here come the hottest Y2K style items by LEDIN.


You should not miss this pastel tie-dye crop tank top of subtle flower print. It looks really gorgeous matching with a bead chain necklace. A good outfit idea for Y2K stylers.

SUPER SHEER had 100% fun on the SS runway. Of course, the sheer look on the runway is not suitable for Y2K daily wear on ordinary occasions, unless you have a big event like red carpet. But it will be a good idea to layer super sheer over or under bra tops to make a more modesty Y2K styling. Still sounds bold enough.

The colorful knitted short top with handmade decoration is also a good item to shape the Y2K look.

Baby tee is also a protagonist under the Y2K aesthetic, which is very suitable for pairing with ultra-short miniskirts or ultra-long flared pants.


When the sequin element re-occupied the fashion stage, swaying the declaration of "own the night" in a sparkling vibe, LIQUID METAL is not inferior, or even better. Designers have always had a smart hand, taking a softer, more subtle approach to giving clothes a metallic sheen. It wasn't just the raucous sequined dresses that shone in the spotlight, but the more low-key and elegant LIQUID METAL ladies.


The sheen of this dress is so beautiful that we hardly believe it is a real dress in human life. But it does exist. Perfect for fairycore or princesscore styling.

This is a 2-way-to-wear(wear it normally or in the off-should way) glossy heart-shaped crop top, and I believe it's an elf's dress.

The strap dress below is made by diamond texture glossy jacquard fabric, with a large removable bowknot on the chest.You must have fallen in love with it at this moment.

Made by the same fabric as the last one, this dress is designed with a big doll collar for a light and vigorous princess style. Again, love the luster so much!


In the post-pandemic era, people have resumed partying. In these moments, people are always racking their brains to make themselves more attractive in the crowd. Yes, the lockdown of the Covid19 has made people suppress their flamboyant side for too long. Now is the time to express yourself. Please seize every precious opportunity. Cut-out design is a great support, always making an ordinary items different and stand-out. Don't let go of any place you can “cut-out” hah.


From the front, it looks like an ordinary shirt dress; but from the back, you will be surprised by the cut-out at the waist.

The cut-out waist design really makes the waist look slimmer.

This floral dress has a small cutout at the waist that can be freely adjusted with a drawstring.

The short top is hollowed out at the shoulders, which can more highlight your charming collarbone.


Normcore has occupied the mainstream aesthetics of the entire fashion industry in the past. But people will feel bored about the unchangeable thing. HYPER FEMININE had a bigger audience on the runway this year. From pastel to candy, rose and fuchsia, all of these color seemed to be more in tune with summer. Have fun adding more ruffles, tulle under-layers or pastel shades to your outfits. In this energetic summer, more is more.


The sleeves of this small cardigan are stitched with lace, and a lot of ruffles are included into the design. A soft girl must-have.

Irregular skirt hem, ruffles, and small pendant flowers that flutter in the wind... I would call this skirt full-skirted romance.

It is a dreamy pastel purple. Let's fall into the violet dream together.

This is a green floral dress with mesh stitching. The petals on the sleeves are so realistic that people seem to smell the fresh floral fragrance the moment they see this dress.


We've seen more bright, bold colors on the runway in recent years, and they've really brought more vitality to the post-pandemic world. But if you're an absolute light color lover, there's one trending color that should catch your eye this year, and that's the warm BUTTER YELLOW. BUTTER YELLOW, not aggressive but adorable, is definitely worth a try for this summer.


If Disney Princess Belle in real life, it could be...

The bow bead chain at the neckline brightens the whole buttery yellow drawstring crop blouse.

She is a gentle and elegant lady in buttery yellow.

Cute and healing buttery yellow polo shirt is perfect for a kawaii look.

Fashion is always closely related to the times. The fashion trends of summer 2022 in the post-epidemic era allow us to see more vividly the changes that are quietly taking place in people's psychology. Thanks to fashion, we can continue to interpret ourselves, express ourselves, and show ourselves more easily, freely, energetically, and recklessly in an era when a lot of forms of our freedom has been deprived by the Coivd-19.

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