Refresh Your Summer With a New Mini Skirt

Mini skirts first became popular in the 60s and 70s as a derivative of extreme, provocative, and confrontational. It was the most contemporary design of the 1960s, as a weapon for women's hope and efforts to achieve liberation. The more rebellious attitude and characteristics of the noughties ushered in the popularity of super short skirts. In the post-epidemic era, mini skirts and even super mini skirts are once again popular as a result of people's resistance to the lockdown during the Covid19; in the spring and summer runway of 2022, especially Chanel, Courrèges, Etro, Miu Miu, Prada, Versace, Blumarine, Sandy Liang, Missoni, Balmain, Max Mara, the proportion of mini skirts are so heavy that we really can't ignore their existence, and short skirts and extra mini skirt are pulled back into people's field of vision again. Yes, because of the epidemic, we have to wear masks, but in this summer, we need to find the freedom to liberate our skin and our legs.

This era is a good era for short skirts. The current short skirts are more diverse in design, cutting, and material selection. They are not afraid of colors and styles. Here, shop your own summer 2022 mini skirt.

Tennis Mini Skirt

As a functional garment, tennis mini skirt has always been a wardrobe staple for every girl. It gained even more attention after Miumiu took tennis skirts to a higher fashion ground.This year, sports tennis skirts have become popular on social media. From supermodel Bella Hadid to postpartum Aimee Song, or the Blackpink girl group, we can all see tennis skirts. The hem of the tennis skirt not only provides sufficient space for movement, but also creates a graceful arc as wearer moves, like a beautiful butterfly traversing the sports field.


The white short skirt is a classic item in tennis wear. Tired of plain white skirts? Take a look at this short tennis skirt from LEDIN. With irregular pocket design, label and flower chain decoration, it is practical for wearing but also a little different from other tennis skirts. The black one is also a good choice, and the black mini skirt can also be used as a practical item for college style wear.

This short skirt adopts an irregular skirt design with a short front and a long back, including a very intimate shorts lining, which is very suitable for sports time wear. Put on a pink tennis skirt to feel like you're in Barbie's tennis time, and a black skirt can make you look even cooler.

My personal favorite purple! Sweet double skirt design, waffle textured fabric, so cute! Wear it to stand out on the tennis court.

To get Miumiu sports style, white short skirt could be a very key item, so here are two more white short skirts recommended. the contrasting line decoration of the first white skirt added a bit of rebellion, and the bear print on the second white skirt made it more unique. Small lovely design details are always exciting.

Ruffle Mini Skirts

Ruffle, a girl-loving element, are also a darling that designers never tire of on the runways of major brands. Ruffles and mini skirts never fade, and so as ruffle mini skirt.


A red item can help lighten up the look with ease. Your wardrobe is calling for this ruffled skirt.

This romantic lavender short skirt with purple florals and delicate ruffles can help you create many cottagecore styling. Incorporate vivid prints into a light and romantic organza embroidered base. Taking the sun-drenched lavender field as the inspiration theme, the flowers, tender leaves, and sunset are smeared into a dream with girlish feelings through oil brushstrokes.

You'll love this white ruffled skirt with delicate jacquard and tie drawstring. Just get maxing out your wardrobe with this on-trend mini skirt.

This ruffled skirt, which has long been in the bestseller status, must have some kind of magic, right? Shop to get the answer and inspiration for American vintage college style.

Denim Mini Skirts

The best thing about denim mini skirts is that there are no restrictions on matching, and they have the wonderful ability to make thousands of fashion styles. As a classic item in the girls’ wardrobe,if a denim skirt wants to distance itself from the large number of short skirts of the same type on the market, then more attention must be paid to the design. Secret! The strength of LEDIN products just lies in this aspect.


This short skirt uses pleated hem stitching, and the overall skirt shape is not exactly the version of an ordinary pleated skirt. It makes a thin waist and thin legs. Double kill.

The one below adds a lot of crochet decorations to the denim fabric, and is full of romantic flowers on the short skirt. Summer should be its name.

This denim skirt has a very eye-catching asymmetrical design. A summer hot girl must-have.

The bead&hollow design of this short skirt is really amazing. Can not remove eyes from her!

Organza Mini Skirts

Yeah! Coming to the part of the organza skirt that I want to share with you the most. HYPER FEMININE is the trend for summer 2022. We can see designers use more organza elements on the runway. Trendy fairycore and princesscore styles are also inseparable from the shaping of organza elements.


The first organza mini skirt is made with placement prints, to achieve a special sense of fabric transparency. The light icy and crystal-clear blue flower fabric depicts the Meconopsis emerging from the snow, conveying a fearless vitality and spirit.

This is a mysterious black organza skirt with textured fabric and shiny bead decoration, and the cake skirt shape makes it both sweet and cool.

Purple is a dreamy color, and the effect it combines with organza is so charming. This purple mini skirt is perfect for shaping a fairycore princess styling.

I would call this mini skirt the Cloud Skirt, the clever organza stitching just shapes the skirt into the shape of a cloud, so unique.

As the one that can be worn 365 days a year, it makes perfect sense to add a new mini skirt at any time. Summer has always been the best time to wear beautiful short skirts. In this unbearable hot season, mini skirts can also visually play a significant cooling effect, making you refreshing and charming all summer time.




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