It is the time of the changing of seasons: farther summer, shorter daytime. The most important fall 2021 fashion shows in the fashion industry have long since ended, providing us with many fashion elements and inspirations for reference. In the post-epidemic era, people’s mentality has also changed a lot, and more attention has been paid to comfort, health, and free expression. This has also had a lot of impact on the fashion trends this fall. As the weather gets colder, it is more suitable for outdoor activities. It is time to refresh your fall wardrobe and surprise others unintentionally during the season changes. Have no idea for that? Don’t worry, LEDIN will be your good helper.

1. Cheerful and Peaceful Colors

The dull autumn is not only about the color of the earth. In special times, bright colors that give people a sense of pleasure and encouragement have become the main feature.

Cheerful Red and Green
Among the bright colors, red is particularly popular. Chic&sexy, red is not only the most photogenic color suitable for celebrating festivals, but also full of vitality and the most inspiring.


Green represents hope and life. Seeing the vibrant green in autumn will also make people feel comfortable and cheerful. Green seems to become very popular in the post-epidemic era. The 2020 epidemic was full of fear, helplessness, depression and anxiety for everyone, and long-term isolation and reflection on life have allowed us to return to nature in spirit and thinking, and more and more natural colors are brought by designers back to the stage, hoping that human beings can re-emerge a normal life with Green.


Peaceful Blue and Khaki
Blue gives people a feeling of peace and tranquility, like the deep sea and the sky when the night is about to fall. Blue is also a popular color in the 2021 fall runaway. A blue windbreaker can be considered this fall, and a retro blue shirt dress is also ready for you. This season crop items are very popular no matter for a simple top or outerwear. A blue crop sweatshirt could be a good choice for your sports and leisure autumn wear, casual and fashionable. Navy blue sweater is more than suitable to be your back-to-school outfit.


Neutral colors have also been very popular in recent years, among which the low-key khaki is the most prominent. With its elegant and gentle temperament, khaki items are very practical for daily or office wear.


2. Bold Floral Print

The quiet and bleak autumn needs embellishment with bold prints badly. Dress in bold print, be the most beautiful and romantic scenery in this fall.


3. Animal Print

Animal print is still a popular trend this year, reflecting people’s pursuit of natural charm, full of fashion vibe.

Madison Beer and Kendall Jenner are both enthusiasts for animal print items, which can be seen obviously in their daily outfits.


4. Shining Sequins

The full sequins on the runway show in the fall were shining under the beautiful lights, and we just couldn't resist this charm. It seems that in that atmosphere, the 90s Disco music was just playing in everyone’s ears. 90s is always fascinating, and its elements can be frequently seen in the fashion trends in recent years. People are nostalgic and pay tribute to classic fashion wear. The LEDIN sweaters and skirts recommended below are all partially embellished with sequins. Compared with the catwalk show, they are more suitable for daily wear, but they also hide small details that reflect a kind of fashion taste.


5. New Preppy

Feeling bored with the conventional academic style, people have rebelled in the design of the academic style. The New Preppy and Dark Academia style, which became popular on Tiktok in the fall and winter of 2020, has remained hot this year. Now, college style is no longer just about the regular white shirts, well-behaved pleated skirts, or monotonous color. This fall, designers continue to break the convention and added bold fluorescent colors and color block into designs, giving the classic academic style the vitality of the new era, which is more in line with people's desire for freedom and rebellious individual expression in the post-epidemic era. The school season is approaching. Try on the LEDIN New Preppy items, and stand out in the crowd.


6. Retro Plaid

Plaid is a timeless retro classic, and it will definitely become the protagonist of the runway every fall and winter.


7. Gentle Tie-dye

Tie-dye and autumn are also a wonderful collision. This spring and summer element is also applied by designers in autumn 2021 clothing. Sweaters in Tie-dye print could be a good try for your fall knitwear.


8. Sweet Cropped Cardigans

Autumn is the home of sweaters and knitted cardigans. This year's popular crop knit cardigan is very suitable to wear in early autumn. It can be worn with casual pants, jeans, skirts, or inner dresses, providing you endless outfits inspirations. Recently, a purple knit cardigan went wide on INS and was loved by many bloggers and celebrities. Supermodel Kendall Jenner and Chinese entertainer Wu Xuanyi both had ever worn this knit darling in their daily outfits. The retro flower decorations and hollow design are both the popular trends of short knit cardigans this year. Why not prepare a sweet crop cardigan for your back-to-school wear?


With so many exciting and distinctive autumn fashion trends, haven’t you fallen in love with them? Come and join the preparation for fall, explore and express your 2021 fall fashion.

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